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Mercer County (PA) Juvenile Advisory Council (MCJAC) Posting


This position shall be the Executive Director/Volunteer Organizer for the Mercer County Juvenile Advisory Council Inc. This is a one/half salaried position which may lead to full-time. Salary: NOTE: A full time $35,000 - $40,000 would be $17,500 - $20,000 at one/half time.

Mercer County Juvenile Advisory council is a social justice advocate for at-risk children for nearly three decades. Located at the county seat in Mercer, PA, in western PA, just a few miles northwest of Interstate 79, 376, and 80. This position, initially, is half-time.

This position shall recruit, train and dispatch Community Volunteers of the MCJAC Volunteer Coordination Program and shall report directly to the Board of Directors and designated MCJAC administrator.


1. Demonstration of maturity, integrity, sound judgment, and experience in operating programs that support counseling and advocacy for at-risk children.

2. Proven experience and ability to establish and maintain effective working relationships with human service agencies and various community groups. (See General Standards For Non Profit leaders)

3. Experience in speaking, writing clearly, and effectively representing the organization, including fund development experience.

4. Program development experience that illustrates the ability to research, plan, design, and organize activities and programs to assure effective services.


1. Administer an Advocate Program, specifically in the areas of recruitment, training volunteers, matching to appropriate clients, supervision of volunteers, record keeping budgetary functions; liaisons to the Court and to the Attorneys for the Children.

2. Identify additional funding sources for current and expanded services. Prepare proposals as approved by the Board of Directors for submission for additional funding for current and expanded services. Provide public relations through speaking engagements with organizations and groups.

3. Research, plan, design, and organize activities and training programs to assure effective service delivery by working with various volunteer committees in recommending any areas of additional need; research possibilities of how services can be provided; recommend methods of implementation; keep updated on new information of services to children and youth and provide said information to necessary people and groups; attend conferences and seminars, when approved to insure remaining current on vital issues.

4. Other duties as assigned by the Council


A bachelor�s or MSW degree in social services, health services, human services, education, legal, law, criminal justice, juvenile justice, or related studies. Three years of work and life experiences in this field and working in the juvenile justice, criminal justice, and social service arena are particularly useful for this position. Backgro8 and your resume, by e-mail, to [email protected]. Be an early applicant. More information is available about MCJAC and Court Appointed Special Advocacy at and Research as to how this position works with the court and volunteers is important for the applicant. Please do not telephone about this position. You will be contacted after a review of your application, if selected, for an initial telephone interview. MCJAC is an EEOC organization. You will be required to qualify for a �security check for Pennsylvania and FBI requirements. Compensation for this position will be based on experience, A $35,000 - $40,000 annual salary would be: ($17,500 to $20,000 at one/half time). In addition, you will be asked for at least three references relating to the duties and qualifications posted. (Note: the Mercer County Juvenile Advisory Council is not a member of the National CASA organization or the National Council of Juvenile and Family Court Judges. But highly endorses the literature and programs for your review as to the nature of this position's involvement). Other resources related to the position: What is the job of a child advocate?

Pittsburgh Interfaith Impact Network

POSITION [FILLED]: Community Organizer
PIIN, Pittsburgh, PA

The Pittsburgh Interfaith Impact Network is seeking a full-time professional organizer immediately. PIIN is an institution-based community organization headquartered in Pittsburgh, PA, and is affiliated with the Gamaliel Foundation. PIIN member institutions include churches, unions, and other community-based groups. Compensation commensurate with experience. Contact: Briarwood Group Associates for detailed information.

PIIN is a Faith-Based Organization in Pittsburgh, Pa, Allegheny County, western Pennsylvania. PIIN represents a diverse coalition of interfaith, multi-racial, urban-suburban faith communities and community organizations throughout the greater Pittsburgh region. PIIN organizes with the mission to address local and regional issues such as housing, urban sprawl, education, crime, and joblessness. Through a process of dialogue, education, training, and action, PIIN seek to empower member faith communities to act on the shared values of human worth, dignity, and social justice. Working with the everyday population to have a meaningful community life for all concerned.

Organizer Skills: Have organizer experience and knowledge of political processes/agendas. Provide volunteer leadership training. Have strong communication/writing skills, with the ability to handle diversity; build key relationships with community leaders, pastors, and the leadership of congregations; develop alliances with unions and other community organizations; and promote a social justice agenda. A self-starting strategic thinker with administrative skills open to training and supervision will be paramount to the position. The candidate must have at least 2-3 years of an organizer or related competency experience.

Salary/Benefits: Negotiable...$35,000 - $40,000 based on experience. The initial screening interview is the event that may lead to the final decision by PIIN to hire in June 2012.

In order to respond to an inquiry about your life experiences lending themselves for community organizing, please carefully review these recommended readings. A telephone interview, if selected, will be fashioned around the General Standards for Community Organizers relating to your experiences in organizing.

A successful telephone interview will lead to a potential candidate screening interview in Pittsburgh, PA, tentatively, the week of May 20th.

In addition, please review A Community Organizer Job Description, Reading List for Organizers

Also... Pittsburgh, Allegheny County profile and (The Gamaliel Foundation) Please study this affiliated organization. check out the PIIN website: See about Pittsburgh...and City of Pittsburgh, PA, US

Send by e-mail a cover letter and resume only to: (a detailed cover letter is important).
Briarwood Group Associates, [email protected]

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