JONAH Joint –religious Organizing Network for Advocacy Hope


Battle Creek MI 49017


JONAH, a faith based organization in Battle Creek Michigan has an opening for a Lead Community Organizer.


Primary responsibility is to continue to build this organization.  Grassroots public influence will stamp out the root causes of poverty and deal with the metro politics that help to continue the disparity of resources in Battle Creek and the surrounding regional communities.


Organizers must have a deep desire to address local and regional societal issues, find leaders, and organize people, congregations and money to sustain the organization. Must be a self-motivated, systemic thinker. The positions are not social service or public relations positions, although these experiences may enhance the position. At least three years of organizing experience is desired for this position.


The candidates for the Lead Organizer must have rich experiences in community organizing, a person of faith, and have the ability to help manage the JONAH organization with financial and organizational development skills. Organizing People and Money.  Duties include day to day management of the community based organization, as well as assisting the leadership in defining organizational vision and goals, and insuring the financial stability and health of the organization.


JONAH 's Issues: As a new organization many of the issues that currently face communities throughout the state of Michigan will be discussed in Issue Assemblies: Transportation, Crime and Drugs, Violence, Education, Jobs/Economic Development, Immigration, Youth, Congregational Outreach, and Leadership Team Development. See


Skills: Knowledge of political process/agenda, political savvy, leadership training, strong communication/writing skills, ability to handle diversity, to build key relationships with the leadership of congregations, developing alliances with unions and other community organization, while remaining independent, promoting a social justice agenda.


Ability to speak, train, translate and write Spanish is a significant skill that will enhance the position, but is not required. The candidate must have a degree that is complimentary to the work described or equivalent life experiences. Candidates should have some experience in organizing or working with congregational/community, union organizations, electoral or GOTV activities and are computer literate. Multicultural experience is important!.


Organizers will be trained by the organization, and will be reviewed in accordance with their related competencies and experiences. A special training week, is a complimentary part of the recruitment process for screening and/or orientation and is mandatory. 
Keep this in mind if you are seriously interested in this position and become a finalist.

.JONAH is affiliated with MI-Voice, a statewide organization, and the Gamaliel Foundation a national network that provides training and guidance on social justice issues.

(Please review the listed job description/ general standards for organizers) All candidates must review the job description prior to a discussion about the position.


Jonah's  Organizer salary range is $35,000 -$45000 is negotiable and is a topic for discussion. Salary is based on experience, and responsibility. Health benefits will be available.  Contact...ONLY: Briarwood Group Associates with a cover letter of your self interest in the position, and your resume. While resumes generated by MONSTER or other personnel job sites are acceptable, due to the formatting, your own personal resume sent to Briarwood may serve you better. Equal Employment Opportunity! (EEOE)


Do not contact the Gamaliel Foundation in regard to this position...Briarwood will handle all inquiries and applications. Please, however,  review the Gamaliel Foundation web site to increase your knowledge about community organizing.