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The  Briarwood Group Associates was founded in 1993 by Dr. Thomas R. Hawkins, to extend the professionalism of community organizations, providing consultation to "not for profit" boards in the community. Later, the recruitment of non profit professionals, 'community organizers,' on a nationwide venue for social justice issues began. The Briarwood Group, since 1998, has provided recruiting, almost exclusively, for the one of the leading nationwide community organizations for communities that want to deal with social justice issues. It is apparent that there are hundreds of school districts and non profit organizations that could be helped by a deliberate recruiting program that had a process to sort out and bring forward the best prospects for the organization, without undue hardship on those needing the best. The Briarwood Group Associates has expanded to meet that challenge.

The Briarwood Group knows the distinct differences between social justice and social service. Education is one of the greatest social services in the country today. A linkage to the school and social service agencies has never been more important to a community. The recruiting effort of this organization sets out to attract the best and the brightest talent interested in education and community in the country, utilizing hundreds of registered applicants produced throughout the internet services, community and professional newspapers.  Pre-screened resumes and interview techniques that allow volume screening at reasonable costs, interface, to search through and locate your next quality community professional.

Thomas R. Hawkins has a rich experience in both leadership and with personnel work in the public sector and is chief consultant with the Briarwood Group Associates. Hawkins was a practicing educator and school superintendent for over thirty years, with specialties in quality management, personnel, finance, public relations, and long range planning, Involved with many community groups in his own community.

Dr. Hawkins, as well, is presently working with faith based organizations, both as a participant, leader, officer, and consultant.  He knows the feelings and aspirations of non - political community leaders, and their advocacy for a quality community environment. He continues to research the qualities of a "master" teacher, "master" community organizer and non profit executive as a personal goal to insure quality.

Focus: To provide a quality professional that will enhance the quality of life in your community. To help satisfy your strategic planning, that is, search for people to organize with vision, mission, and quality goals and objectives.

The Briarwood Group Associates will find the talent you need fast!

Find quality candidates with client interfaces for job posting and  resume searching at a reasonable community cost. You will recruit and hire faster than ever before with  ... The Briarwood Group Associates, and leave much of the work of recruiting to recruiting professionals. Read the Briarwood Group Associates Recruiting Guide for Schools, and Organizations.

At the Briarwood Group our business is to help our clients recruit the best teachers, community organizers, and non-profit professionals with a lower overall cost-per-hire and also offer client support along the way.

With a mission to exceed every client's expectations, Briarwood Group Associates goes the extra mile to make the recruiting process easier. We'll help you with tasks such as writing effective job descriptions, ads, personnel specifications and pre-screening each and every resume that comes into our site with a documented screening process. In addition, with an unusual, but practiced screening procedure, scores of potential candidates can be pre-screened at a screening setting, or at the university or college campus that usual drains recruiters and produces a low rate of return for the employer.

As an example, working in conjunction with ‘faith based’ organizing intuitions the Briarwood Group Associates has been especially involved with recruiting, interviewing, and recommending the hiring of community organizers.  This work has been carried out across the country from Albany, NY, to St. Louis, MO and cities in between, such as Detroit, Pittsburgh, Wheeling, Milwaukee, Davenport, Saginaw, and St. Louis. Your city and organization can be included on the list.

It has become noticeable in recent years that there is a growing shortage of teachers and administrators in the more southern and south western states of the United States, and Briarwood Group Associates has embarked on a project to partner with Pennsylvania universities, teacher educators and school employers to help fill that gap with a Pennsylvania recruiter contact.

Pennsylvania has a teacher surplus with the scores of teacher education entices. In fact, Dr. Thomas R. Hawkins, chief consultant for Briarwood wrote his doctorate dissertation to research and discern what were the rated effectiveness of "master teachers."  Yes, Master Teachers exhibit different characteristics than "average teachers."

As teachers do their job of educating children, as our future adult citizens, we see a growing disparity between the poor and the wealthy that bring about community crisis after the initial education...thereby creating the need for community organizing, and thus...Community Organizers. Dr. Hawkins is now embarking on researching the profile and attributes of an effective "master community organizer." There are distinctive characteristics that profile the organizer for which people and community leaders may not be aware. The standards or job description for this "not for profit" position is the basis for the recruitment, as well as the "life experiences" necessary to carry out the work. The Briarwood Group Associates have an objective candidate review that should legally protect the client, and provide a "search committee" with a comfort level in the involvement as well as  documentation for the EEOC.

Learn more about the Briarwood Group process. Get a quote that will be the lowest available. You will be glad you did!

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