Believe in this opportunity:

Briarwood Group Associates, a private confidential recruiter, has established a recruitment process that no other group has duplicated. This process is exclusively designed to find the best candidates, leaving out the politics of nepotism, or good old boy influence by using an open, transparent path for public scrutiny and protection from EEOC problems.

Briarwood Group Associates and the principal recruiter, Dr. Thomas R. Hawkins, will guarantee the most cost effective path for your organization but also guarantee your lowest cost, bar none. Find out! What is your timeline? Can we can fit into your budge? Why not find out and have  minimum of staff time to get to the final choice. Your search team has literately nothing to do but be able to actually see and screen up to twenty four prospects in one eight hour day if you choose to, or a lesser number It is the Briarwood Group system that works for you and cuts the costs usually associated with a professional recruiter, including the screen hours that affects your budget and use of personnel. Believe it! Pick out the top prospects from those pre-screened, for you, with an objective, documented process and fine-tune it from there. See all of the best in one day! Most times, the top person is picked at this screening session in an objective, unbiased fashion that defies scrutiny.

We can help with your job description, the plan of attack with advertising and do everything for you. Help organizes your search committee for the final screening and do the job in three months or less. The Briarwood Group specializes for public employees, and non profit agency employees. We have been there and understand what lies ahead for the governing boards that venture into this arena wanting the best employee, available nationwide, that can be justified and afforded in the public arena. Get quotes for the recruitment process. Provide position, salary range, starting date, new or replacement, and preferred attributes profile, if available. We have access to management/employee profiles necessary for particular positions for results.

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Thomas R. Hawkins Ph D