Reading List

Reading List for First-Year Organizers

Gamaliel Organizers write weekly reports that include a paragraph on what they are reading. Candidates may wish to confirm interest in a career in organizing by reading a few of these books.

Category Author Title Comment
P/E/S Alinsky, Saul Rules for Radicals Principles of community organizing.
P/E/S Alinsky, Saul Reveille for Radicals Principles of community organizing.
P/T Brueggemann, Walter The Prophetic Imagination (1978) A powerful interpretation of the prophetic tradition as bearing witness to suffering and building a social community based on the freedom of God and the politics of justice and compassion.
OM Covey, Stephen The Seven Habits of Highly Successful People Personal and professional development with a spiritual slant from a highly-sought consultant to Fortune 500 corporations.
OM Drucker, Peter F. The Effective Executive A seminal work on the role of an executive in an dynamic structure – recommended for pastors, leaders, organizers.
Bio Horwitt, Sanford D. Let Them Call Me Rebel (1989) Biography of Saul Alinsky.
P/T Jacobsen, Dennis Doing Justice Gamaliel Foundation National Clergy Caucus Director’s work on the theology of community organizing.
P/T May, Rollo Power and Innocence (1972) A psychotherapist's interpretation of power, innocence, impotence and violence.
P/E/S Orfield, Myron Metropolitics (1997) American metropolitan regions: analysis and solutions – a basic primer for metro organizing.
P/E/S Pierce, Gregory Activism that Makes Sense (1984) Congregations and community organizing from a former organizer.
P/E/S Rusk, David Inside Game, Outside Game Rusk proclaims that playing the "inside game" (governmental antipoverty programs) is a losing strategy. Real improvement will come only when the "inside game" is matched with the "outside game" of regional strategies to overcome urban sprawl and concentrated poverty.
P/E/S West, Cornell Race Matters (1993) Moves the discussion about race beyond traditional liberal and conservative rhetoric.
Bio Biography
His History
Lit Literature
OM Organizational Management
P/E/S Politics/Economics/Sociology
P/T Philosophy/Theology